The motor vehicle TOYOTA HIACE WAGON is produced by Toyota, a Japanese vehicle manufacturer. This vehicle has been produced since 1967 and is classed as full size van as well as light commercial vehicle. The body style used is that of minibus, double cab, pickup, and van. H series is its platform. It is now obtainable in a large domain of configurations that includes minibus, taxi, ambulance, MPV and van. The models produced are classified into five major generation models.

Initially, TOYOTA  HIACE WAGON was manufactured as cab over the pickup, stretched commuter and delivery van. It was also known as  HIACE WAGON Commercial. On introduction, it was available with engines of varying sizes ranging from seventy PS 1.35 litre to 83 PS 1.6L version. Later 1.8L 16R engine was also introduced. Due to wear and rust of weather, these models have now become very rare. The vans were marketed in Europe\and exported to Africa for public transport. It is known as Rukmani model in Sri Lanka. These models were basically two door pickup and four or five door van with FR layout and H10 platform.

The second generation TOYOTA  HIACE WAGON models are known as Toyota Commuter which was produced in 1977. The body styles incorporated were two door pickup, three door van, four door van and four door pickup with layout of front engine, four wheel drive or rear wheel drive. The platform utilized was H20, H30 and H40. The engine was 2.2 litre diesel I4. This model had an improved streamlined cab that had single headlights. The third generation  HIACE WAGON models were also known as Toyota Commuter which was produced since 1982. The body style of third generation models were two door pickup, three door van, four door van and four door pickup with layout of front engine, four wheel drive or rear wheel drive. The platform utilized is H50. Variants of these models were introduced on the basis of specification on wheelbase. Some models are Toyota  HIACE WAGON, Commuter or Ambulance or Van and truck.

Since 1989, fourth generation TOYOTA  HIACE WAGON models were introduced in various names in different nations. They were known by the names such as Toyota Commuter, Jiangnan JNQ6495, BAW BJ 6490, Jinbei Haise, Toyota RegiusAce, Foton View, Great Wall Proteus, King Long Medicvan, King Long Univan and Pyeonghwa Samcheonri. The body style is three or four door van. It has front engine, four wheel drive or rear wheel drive layout. The platform utilized is H50. The various engines used are 3.4L V6, 3L turbo diesel I4, 2.4L I4 and 2L I4. The transmission is four speed automatic or five speed manual. The fifth generation  HIACE WAGON models are known by different names like Cherry H5, Toyota Commuter, Toyota Ventury Majesty, Toyota Regius Ace, Toyota Century, Toyota Ses’fikile, Higher KLQ6540, Toyota Quantum, JiangNan JNQ6495D1, Toyota HiAce Commuter, GL Grandia/Super Grandia, JinBei  HIACE WAGON Awing and JinBei Hiace/Haise/H2. They were produced since 2004. With the same body style and layout, it had H200 platform. The engines used are 2.7 L 2TR-FE I4 149hp, 3.0 L 5L-E I4 91hp, 2.0 L 1TR-FE I4, 3.0 L 1KD-FTV I4 170hp and 2.5 L 2KD-FTV I4 101hp.

The TOYOTA  HIACE WAGON models of fifth generation came as several wide and long wheelbase wagons and vans. They used 4 cylinder DOHC engine in different forms like 2KD-FTV 2,500 cc, 1TR-FE 2,000 cc, 1KD-FTV 3,000 cc, 2TR-FE 2,700 cc petrol engine, or D-4D turbo diesel engine. The 2.5L and 3L turbo diesel engines produce 75 kW power at 3,600 rpm and 80 kW at 3,000 rpm respectively. The maximum torque produced is 260 Nm and 286 Nm respectively at 1,200–1,600 rpm. Large cargo volume, sedan comfort and drive, sound system, incredible interior semi-bonnet, aerodynamic design, super long high roof wheelbase, and more are appreciated features of these models.